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Spice Up Your Look: Fall 2023 Trends & Runway Hair from New York Fashion Week

Fall 2023 is all about embracing cozy elegance and celebrating individuality through hair and fashion. When it comes to hair, we’re seeing a return to natural textures and effortless styles. As for outfits, Layering is key, with long cardigans, trench coats, and scarves adding depth to your ensemble.

Fall 2023 Hair Trends

Pale Blonde

Photo credit: @gigihadid IG

A pale blonde hair color can work wonders in revitalizing sun-deprived skin. When the sun-kissed glow fades with the changing seasons or due to a lack of sunlight exposure, opting for a soft, pale blonde shade can beautifully complement the complexion.

The Butterfly Haircut

Photo Credit: @laurapolko IG

The stunningly popular butterfly cut is created by cutting shorter layers around the crown. This long and feathered look is the perfect way to give dimension and body to dull hair.

The “Rachel” Cut

Photo Credit: @davestanwell IG

The “Rachel” Cut, was made famous by Jennifer Aniston on the hit TV show Friends. This cute and flirty cut is the perfect way to emphasize the bone structure of the face.

Fall 2023 Outfit Trends

Light Trenches

Photo Credit: Lulu’s

A light trench coat not only keeps you comfortable during unpredictable fall weather but also adds a touch of refinement, making it a must-have staple for fashion-forward individuals embracing the seasonal shift.

High Ankle Boots

Photo Credit: Reformation

A high ankle boot adds more of an elevated and sophisticated look than the traditional ankle boot. The elongated fabric covering the ankle looks especially flattering when paired with a skirt or dress.

Oversized Bags

Photo Credit: Beís

Opting for an oversized bag this fall instead of a traditional handbag is not just a fashion statement; it’s a practical choice that combines style and functionality. Roomy totes provide ample space for all your essentials and then some.

Spotlight on the Mesmerizing Hairstyles of New York Fashion Week 2023

Photo Credit: Vogue

 Sola Salons Creates Alice & Olivia’s Hairstyles at NYFW 2023

Photo Credit: Modern Salon

Sola Salons’ hairstyles at fashion week created an industry first. By producing looks for Alice & Olivia, Sola Salons’ also paved the way for independent professionals at fashion events.

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